"HOW could you think such a thing?"
"Try to forgive if you can."
"Spoiling our beautiful Spring!"
"Well, I am only a man."

"I will forgive, if I can."
"Jealousy made me insane."
"I never spoke to the man."
"I'll never doubt you again."

"Jealousy made you insane."
"Lee, you have much to forgive."
"Oh, never doubt me again."
"Never as long as I live."

"Jim, I have much to forgive."
"Yes, but I've suffered like hell."
"Trust me as long as you live."
"Dearest, I love you too well."

"Poor darling, going through hell."
"Spoiling our beautiful Spring."
"I also love you too well."
"How could I think such a thing?"