RUTH in her quiet garden beside the sea
Thinking, "To-morrow at this time Jim will be
Here at my side. It's something to be a wife -
The background dull and assured of everyday life.
He must come home, whether he wants to or not,
To me, to me . . . All other women must plot,
Arrange, manoeuver to see him. . ."

And then behind her
She heard the steps of a servant coming to find her:
A footman stood with a telegram held on a tray:
"Terribly sorry I cannot get away
This week-end. Better luck next. Love. Jim."

She turned her head to the footman, and said to him,
"Say Mr. Wayne will not be here to-morrow."
And the man withdrew and left her alone with her sorrow.

The sun went down behind the great blue hill;
And she sat there alone in her garden, perfectly still,
Watching the wraiths of fog blow in like smoke,
And her heart as she sat there gently and quietly broke.