LEE sat before her mirror. . . rouged her lips,
Set dripping diamond earrings in her ears,
Polished a little at her finger tips,
Thought that she did not look her thirty years;

Thought, "Poor dear Nellie's ill-assorted feasts!
I want to be as helpful as I can
Among that group of men and gods and beasts. . .
Why does she think I shall not like this man?

She made him sound entrancing. . . strong and crude,
Successful, dominant. . .I , who for so long
Have known a somewhat pitiful servitude
To weakness, have no terror of the strong."

Her maid held up her cloak of furry white,
And gave her money in a golden purse.
She sighed: "Not even third-rate bridge to-night,
Just third-rate conversation. . . which is worse."