Forsaking All Others


Part One

I "Not that you'll like him," Nell said,

II Lee sat before her mirror...rouged her lips

III "Nellie, I'm sorry I'm late

IV Menu

V Some women - hard, beautiful women - know a way

VI Candle light beams, flickers and blazes

VII Nellie and Edward left alone,

VIII At first the Waynes were silent driving home

IX Lee alone in her room in the dark


Part Two

I A week had passed

II She saw him once in the street

III Nellie, to make matters worse, would say

IV She went to an auction sale

V That night at dinner, Ruth and Wayne alone

VI "It seems that in Nineteen Seventeen

VII "Dear Mr Wayne: Did you quite forget

VIII His answer came... thanks for her charming letter..

IX And as she read that letter, she became

X An April day, and a salt breeze blowing


Part Three

I There was an instant when he might have said

II "I have a new friend," thought Lee, "I have a lover

III O, Agony infernal

IV Love in a city in spring,

V Four thousand years ago a great king died

VI They would meet for luncheon every day

VII But most of all Lee loved the hours

VIII "I know," she said, "I am a fool to weep,

IX He had been gone three days, when wearily strolling about

X A letter from Ruth - a letter from Lee

XI The day that Wayne was coming home


Part Four

I Wayne was looking near and far

II "How could you think such a thing?"

III Lovers after a quarrel say to each other lightly:

IV The Spring was over, and Summer far advanced, -

V And from that moment Lee began - not nagging,

VI Yet on the whole thay were happy, as day by day

VII "Do not go home for Sunday,

VIII Ruth in her quiet garden beside the sea

IX An August Sunday in town

X Before the skulls of Primitive Man


Part Five

I Trained nurses, trained nurses everywhere

II A white figure spoke from the doorway

III Never before had Ruth been out of reach

IV At first Lee wrote to him every day

V Then a night came

VI What can you do with a woman's things

VII Up a little river

VIII Wayne stood bareheaded on the churchyard sward

IX "Dear Lee: - I've tried so many times to write,